Haein Song

Marking Colour
A Brief History of...


Linear A to Linear Z
A Bend in the River
Mr. Palomar
Journey Round My Room
The Myth of Sisyphus
Romeo and Juliet
The Periodic Table
The Trial
The Collected Stories
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Just So Stories
Le Grand Meaulnes
Don't Look Now


Three Plays of the Absurd
Nine Books of the Absurd

Designed and printed in 2016
Bound and produced in 2017

A sequence of 16 reduction linocut prints exploring mark making and colours.
The edition is limited to 13 copies.

The book is Korean stab bound and housed in a cloth covered solander box.
All linocuts are printed on Zerkall mould made paper at the East London Printmakers.
The text is typeset in Scala and letterpress printed at the London Centre for Book Arts.


Time marks
Marks, removed
Colours, added

Bright innocent early days
Growing older days

Of more
Of less
No going back
There won't be a repeat
Scars, added

Fast fast slow faster slow slower slower
Removed marks
Added colours

A big change
Plans to be
Small changes
Only unchanged

Predictable but unpredictable
Unlimited within limit
White Yellow Red Blue Green